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Did you know that mini storage buildings can pay for themselves within 5 years?

Fun fact, steel is the most recycled material on the entire planet. It could be recycled forever, over, and over, and it would never lose any of its properties for strength and durability.

This means that your mini storage or steel building is built to withstand harsh weather conditions such has snow loads, heavy rain, strong wind and more. 

Unlock the full potential of your self storage business with Cowell Mini Storage Solutions.


While the housing/renters market has continued to rise across the country, mini storage investments are generally considered to be recession-proof. Due to their multiple tenants, low operating/building cost and flexible rental terms, now is the time to invest in this fast growing industry!

Using our combined 250+ years experience, we can help you get started with your mini storage business.  You dream it, we make it come to life!  

Simple Installation 

Construction stress is dramatically reduced when installing a mini storage building. Since all of the materials are pre fabricated, they go together in a fraction of the time it takes to erect any other structure.

Combined Years Experience

Since being in business since 1978 we have nearly 50 years in the metal building industry, which allows us to have the knowledge it takes to provide you with the materials for your business success. 

See our 3D mini storage configurator using the Design Tool.

Why Invest in Mini Storages

  • Mini storage buildings are cost effective, helping you keep your building budget to a minimum and increasing the overall profit. 

  • They have a 92% start-up success rate according to statistics. 

  • High return profit.

  • Low operating cost compared to other real estate investments. 

  • Requires minimal employees, it usually takes 1-2, to manage and operate. 

  • Recession-Resistant Investment.

High quality investment with quick return rates.

Quick and easy installation and assembly.

100% customizable to fit your needs and FREE quotes.

We sell and ship nationwide.

The Process

We pride ourself on our high quality product and customer service. With employees that have been here anywhere from 5 to 25+ years, we have a combined 250+ years experience. With our employees' superior knowledge in the business, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands here at Cowell. 

Whether you are already invested in the Mini Storage market, or looking for your next business venture, Cowell is determined to provide you with the materials needed for business success. Mini storage units are a high quality investment with a quick return rate.

You dream it, and let us bring it to life!  

Once your customized building(s) has been drafted by our engineers and approved by you, the drawings will be sent to our shop (this is the cool part). Here is where your building will begin to take life. After the manufacturing, we will load your building on to one of our trucks and provide you with a quick, stress-free delivery to your job site. At this point, you can start to sit back, relax and begin to reap the benefits of investing in the mini storage business.

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